Environmentally-Friendly Hotels in Downtown Chicago

Here at Hotel Chicago, we take a commitment to environmental awareness and sustainability very seriously. It’s part of being a responsible member of the Chicagoland ecosystem—and, of course, of the global biosphere.

We know that many of our guests appreciate the eco-friendly practices we implement and follow, and are proud to play our role in contributing to the broader, multi-property sustainability goals of our owner, Pebblebrook Hotel Trust.

Green Practices at Hotel Chicago

We do our part to lessen our environmental footprint in many different ways, large and small, here at Hotel Chicago.


Our green practices and policies include such elements as property-wide LED energy-efficient lighting, the installation of flow limiters and low-water toilets, smart thermostats, and mounted dispensers for toiletries instead of individual containers.


Guests here at Hotel Chicago can also opt out of housekeeping services during their stay, which helps conserve both energy and resources.


Our Hotel Chicago Leadership Team makes daily walk-throughs of the property to ensure that energy-conservation measures are in place and functioning properly. More generally, we’re always evaluating our hotel’s footprint and striving for new or refined ways to make it even smaller.


These sustainability-oriented measures also complement our strong focus on the health and well-being of our employees and the vitality of our larger community, as well as our charitable fundraising and the measures we take for employee and guest safety as part of the Pebblebrook Hotel Trust’s fulfillment of the American Hotel & Lodging Association’s 5-Star Promise.

Hotel Chicago’s Genuine Commitment to Sustainability

You can learn more about our green initiatives and Pebblebrook’s broader sustainability programs right here. And you can read further on the many components of Pebblebrook Hotel Trust’s pursuit of corporate responsibility—including such sustainability measures as green and smart technology, water-saving and waste-reduction practices, and the like—here. We’re also happy to field any questions about our Hotel Chicago environmentally friendly practices and philosophy.


We invite you to enjoy our eco-friendly luxury accommodations here in the Marina City complex of River City in Downtown Chicago! An awareness of our environmental impact and a sincere dedication to limiting it go hand in hand with the pitch-perfect Marriott Bonvoy Autograph Collection hospitality we extend to each and every one of our guests here at Hotel Chicago.


Come join us just a stone’s throw from the Chicago River, and experience for yourself the energy- and resource-saving protocols we pursue here at our Marina City hotel!

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