St. Patrick’s Day Celebrations in Chicago

The luck of the Irish is always with the people of Chicago, and it certainly never fails when St. Patrick’s Day rolls around each year! The city is full of Irish-Americans, and they love a good party.

This year, St. Patrick’s Day in Chicago will be a blast. The holiday falls on a Saturday, making it the perfect day to head out and celebrate without fear of that alarm going off early the next day.

Check out our list of the best events in the area below:

The Chicago St. Patrick’s Day Parade

The dyeing of the Chicago River green will kick things off in Chicago as it does every year. At 9am on March 17th, the Journeymen Plumber’s Local Union 130 will dye the river with a fish-friendly green dye, quite reminiscent of the Emerald Isle itself. Make sure you stop by one of the bridges or restaurants on the river at least once throughout the day for a photo op!

Later, the Chicago St. Patrick’s Day Parade will take place. At noon at the corner of Columbus Drive and Balbo Avenue, the parade will start. Keep in mind that the South Side Irish Parade will be on March 11 on 103rd Street and Western Avenue at noon.

The main parade is the one taking place on the day of St. Patrick’s Day. Heading through Grant Park on Columbus Drive, the parade will be noisy, big, and fun. It will also feature tons of bagpipes, Irish dancers, merrymakers, and drum corps. Make sure you get a spot on the parade route early so that you can see all the action!

Downtown celebrations for the big day will be taking place all throughout the day as well. There will be plenty of kid-friendly activities, an arts and crafts fair, Irish gift and food vendors, and celebrations at restaurants and bars. Make sure to talk a walk through the busiest districts for some true Irish fun!

Where to Stay in Chicago for St. Patrick’s Day

While you’re in the city for St. Patrick’s Day, you’ll want to have the best accommodations possible.

Hotel Chicago is a luxury hotel located right in the part of the Marina City complex. At Hotel Chicago, we’re located in excellent proximity to all the day’s festivities. You can also go shopping on the Magnificent Mile, check out Wrigley Field, or sightsee and dine at the finest restaurants and bars in town.

But remember that rooms for St. Paddy’s Day are going fast at the Hotel Chicago, so plan on making your reservations today!

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