Our environment is part of our identity, and we intend to protect it. Hotel Chicago continues to take actionable steps towards sustainability and to be a leader in environmental best practices. Continue reading to learn what we’ve done and more importantly, where we’re going.

  • Green Lighting – LED energy efficient bulbs are in place throughout the entire property
  • Smart Thermostats – Energy saving thermostats provide cooling when our guests are in their rooms and in our meeting spaces
  • Daily Energy Conservation – Routine walks by our Leadership Team daily ensuring all areas of our hotel are practicing energy conservation
  • Low water toilets – 1.6 gallons per flush to reduce water usage
  • Water efficiency in our bathrooms – Flow limiters ensure consistent pressure and conserve on domestic water usage
  • Green Chicago – Our housekeeping service initiative allows our guests to participate during their stay in saving energy and resources
  • E-Folio – We are helping our environment by only printing our guest folios upon request
  • Reducing our carbon footprint – We use mounted toiletries dispensers instead of individual bottles

Thank you for joining our mission to continue to save our planets precious resources. Together we can all make a difference!